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Sigma-Tau HealthScience is dedicated to science and research. Despite the considerable expense and extensive time taken to create products clinically proven to be effective, Sigma-Tau HealthScience remains committed to the process. We believe that health, just like disease, begins at the cellular level. In fact, the largest part of Sigma-Tau’s research is on understanding metabolic substances, like carnitines, along with the science behind the body’s own response to disease.


Sigma-Tau HealthScience – What Sets Us Apart?

Sigma-Tau HealthScience is committed to taking a scientific approach to the development of quality supplements. We are dedicated to applying pharmaceutical-grade quality controls to each of our products; and that's just the beginning. We set ourselves apart in the nutritional supplement market by adhering to the philosophy that only scientifically researched products should be made available to consumers and healthcare professionals.

Sigma-Tau HealthSciences' line of AminoCarnitines are the result of 30 years of company research. We have conducted more than 1,000 clinical studies in L-Carnitine and have generated over 275 patents along with more than 14,000 papers on L-Carnitine research. As a leading investor in pharmaceutical R&D, we are undisputed as the worldwide leader in carnitine and metabolic research and additionally ranks up among the top 25 niche companies in the world in patent activity.

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Sigma-Tau HealthScience is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the

pharmaceutical company Sigma-Tau (Alfasigma Group-Italy).