Sigma-tau Health Science USA Products

Sigma-tau HealthScience LLC is dedicated to creating products for well-being. As leaders in L-Carnitine research, they have created a number of high quality, pharmaceutical grade AminoCarnitines® found in a variety of top supplemental formulas.

From sports and performance supplements to nutritional formulas for people of all ages, Sigma-tau HealthScience AminoCarnitines help equalize Carnitine absorption, enabling nutrient combinations to become simultaneously available. This patented, exclusive process stimulates the release of equal amounts of ingredient power into the mitochondria, encouraging maximum Carnitine delivery.

Sigma-tau HealthScience has created a number of unique L-Carnitine products including:

Available in a number of delivery systems their supplemental applications have made HealthScience USA products some of the most-used and well-respected formulations in the industry.

To discover how Sigma-tau HealthScience products can help improve the effectiveness of your supplements, fill out the form. Call us at 877-246-7468, or e-mail for more information.

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Sigma-tau HealthScience is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the pharmaceutical group Sigma-tau Industries SpA Italy.