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L-Carnitine Science in the World...

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About Sigma-Tau’s L-Carnitine Research

Through a combination of Sigma-Tau’s extensive proprietary intellectual property, immense scientific expertise and global research since 1957 on L-Carnitine and its various 4 generations of molecules, Sigma-Tau HealthScience remains at the forefront and cutting edge of all global L-Carnitine research and the role it plays in cardiovascular, cognitive, cellular metabolism and mitochondrial functions.

Sigma-Tau HealthScience has invested over forty years in developing the most extensive, and impressive library of L-Carnitine science in the world.

Dedicated to providing well-being through science, Sigma-Tau HealthScience continues to set itself apart in the nutritional supplement industry by providing products backed by the strongest scientific research and testing.

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Sigma-Tau HealthScience is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the pharmaceutical group Sigma-Tau Industries SpA Italy.